Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

One of the best things about online roulette games is that they often have various different kinds of bonus offers, sign up offers and cash-back promotions running. Some of these are aimed at new players (sign up bonus), some at loyal customers and some at all players regardless of anything else. These bonuses are meant to bring more players in to the casino and encourage them to play more. However, they can also work in the players’ favor when used in the right way.

Roulette is at heart a game of chance. It depends on probabilities and understanding it requires systematic playing. So if you are planning to start a series of plays based on a system or a strategy, a good way to increase your income and/or cut your losses is to look for legitimate online casinos that are offering bonuses. There are various different kinds of bonuses on offer. kiss918

The most common is the sign up bonus to encourage the new player. Sign up bonuses are often based on the first deposit amount or a flat amount that every new player gets as soon as they join. This can be very helpful because if you have a certain strategy in mind that has worked elsewhere, you can now make money from the new casino with a lower or zero investment. The balance that will be coming in from the casino will of course have to be used inside the casino to win but the best part is that you are playing with their money.

Another great bonus is the cash-back bonus that is offered on lost amounts. A lot of online roulette games offer a percentage based cash-back guarantee for the amount that you lose. This is typically a small amount like 10% or so. But if you are winning most of the times anyway, this can make you more money. Also, this helps cushion beginners and makes the learning experience a better one.

Some casinos offer bonuses on the winning amount. These can be pretty high, depending on the offer. There are offers that run as high as 200% of the total amount. Sometimes you will have running bonuses throughout the year like for each time you make a deposit. These range from low amounts like 10% of the total deposit to high ones like 50% or more. Used cleverly and in balance with your playing style, this can help you recoup your investment much faster and help you roll your money better without re-investing each time.

Referral bonuses are also a good way of earning some extra casino balance. These are normal referral programs that you use to get the casino more customers and in return they give you a fixed amount or percentage per new player who joins through your referral.

Over all, almost all online casinos have some kind of bonus system running and there are several sites that list these bonuses and update them on a regular basis. So do your research and see which ones suit you the best.


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